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Welcome to the official Sparta guild page for Star Wars: The Old Republic!  Members are encouraged to add their player name and info to the Roster.

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SM EV: No Wipes, First HM EV: Cleared 4/5 Encounters

Shikage, May 3, 12 1:29 AM.
Great job clearing EV again on story mode. No wipes at all I'm very impressed. We also cleared 4 encounters on hard mode EV even though we were struggling with the fights. Almost downed Soa as well. We'll get him next time though!

New Website!

Shikage, Apr 28, 12 9:01 PM.
The website has been redesigned with a sleeker style and a more sith oriented theme.

Successful EV Run!

Shikage, Apr 27, 12 1:07 AM.
Excellent job clearing EV everyone! Only two wipes with solid coordination. Congrats to everyone who got gear and hopefully we can make some progress on KP this weekend. Special thanks to Dartan and his epic heals!

Gear Issues...

Shikage, Apr 19, 12 10:44 PM.
Based on the tonight's op we need to put new focus into getting members geared up. This mean's doing your dailies and participating in fps. All things considered it went very well and I was impressed with everyone's performance, just need to work on transitioning between platforms on the Gharj fight. Special thanks to Adora for convincing Rhenna to pug for us!

First EV Run

Shikage, Mar 26, 12 2:45 PM.
Well Spartans...we had our first Operation: Eternity Vault run this past Saturday! We had some difficulties with a couple of the bosses but we got through 4 encounters and got the final boss Soa down to 2% health. Our main issue was lack of DPS, which is probably due to the fact that 2 of the members of the Operation were pickups, both of whom were DPS and one was very under geared. Props to both Jeebs and Foxtrot on their performance, especially Jeebs for being able to keep up with the heals even with less than great gear. Hopefully this week we can finish EV and get it on farm status! -Shikage
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